Insurance & payment

The health of your eye is covered by your medical insurance.  Vision insurance is coverage for an annual vision exam. It does not cover emergency or medical conditions. Family Eye Center offers an $89.00. We also offer a 20% discount on any medical services for same day payment. 

For patients with eye health issues, such as glaucoma, cataracts, high blood pressure, diabetes, or red eye issues they will have their exams billed to their medical insurance. 

As a courtesy, we will bill your medical or vision insurance. While we do our best to do this in a timely fashion, insurance billing can be complicated and lengthy. If you owe a balance after your insurance has been billed we will send you a current balance. 

Please call us with any questions regarding insurance or payment options. We know it can be confusing and we are happy to work with you to help you get the most out of your insurance and eye care.